Cam & Ellie

No, this wasn’t a real wedding. But they are a married couple and it was a fun afternoon at an amazing new venue called Fernhill Estate. If you plan on having your wedding here, do yourself a favour and allow PLENTY of time for photos!

Dan & Kat album

For anyone wondering how good their images could look in an album…well here is a recent design from the awesome wedding of one very fun couple.

Whilst I love the convenience and immediacy of this digital world we live in, I’m still a sucker for something tangible and tactile when it comes to photos. There really is no better way to view and enjoy your wedding photos than in an beautifully designed album; there’s just something about the touch of the archival uncoated stock and an embossed bookcloth cover that elevates the photos to something far greater than just images on a computer screen.

This design is typical of all of my designs – clean and uncluttered with no gimmicks or distractions.

Of course everyone has their own opinion and for various reasons an album like this may not suit every couple – however in the interests of giving the images their deserved place on actual paper that you can touch and share with friends and family I would encourage all of my clients to at the very least consider an album as there really is no better way to display and view your photos.