Sam & Grant

So after a loooooooong hiatus, I decided I’m just about ready for another update! I’ll try to improve on one post per year!

This one was a bit of a special one – not only because they are two very close friends but also because of their story; my words won’t do it justice so if you’re interested you can read it here¬†

I’ll stick to what I know and let the photos tell the story.



It’s fair to say Martin may have been a little nervous


So, we all know that the wedding day really is all about the bride and her big white dress…it’s true! Sure sure, there’s the whole part about two lives coming together as one, in love, to make promises to one another to share their hearts forever and ever! That part is obviously very important and I for one am TOTALLY sold out to the notion of true love and a beautiful marriage forever! BUT, lets be honest…what we’re all really excited about is seeing the bride arrive at the church/beach/mountainside/backyard/wherever and catching that first glimpse of her in her stunning dress as she walks slowly toward her husband-to-be, her groom. The moment has everything: suspense, drama, theatre, beauty, emotion, love…it’s perfect and it is the bride’s moment.

Alas, this is not a post about brides. Instead, I want to give the groom a moment in the spotlight; an insight into the groom preparing himself to await the arrival of his bride at the end of the aisle – to complete the moment described above, where two lives do come together.