Just one…

I’m overdue for a full post, but for now here’s just one from the weekend

Mark & Chelsea

Taking some aesthetic cues from a certain well known painting…I am convinced Mark and Chelsea were born in the wrong era.

But here, on their wedding day celebrated with friends and family amongst livestock on a heritage listed Sydney farm, they look timeless and completely appropriate.

Picture perfect.


An appointment with P. Johnson

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying a good friend to his fitting with renowned tailor Patrick Johnson. Having followed his craftsmanship for sometime and being continually blown away, I was very keen to see the process first hand.

Well let me just say, that if bespoke tailoring does it for you and you can’t quite make it to Savile Row, then you could do no better than to pay Patrick a visit.

The materials, the detail, the service, Hector the dog…everything adds to this amazing experience and no doubt like me, once you have witnessed the quality you’ll be looking for any excuse to schedule an appointment with P. Johnson.