Abby & Jacques

Hair was styled

Ties were tied

Speeches were written

Nerves were evident

Tears were shed

Vows were exchanged

Verses were read

Laughs were shared

Champagne was sipped

Meals were enjoyed

Love was conveyed

Shirts came off

The night got wild


Joel & Lauren

Lauren: Hey Scotty, where should we do our post-wedding engagement shoot?

Me: I’ve got the perfect spot! It’s this old swamp in the middle of nowhere that’s being developed into a high-density housing estate…it looks awesome!

Lauren: Haha…no really.

Me: What? No good?

Lauren: … silence …

Me: Trust me.

Lauren: Ok, but this better not be crap or dinner might get awkward later on.

Me: Haha

Lauren: No really.


Dinner was great.

Here we go…


After years of relative obscurity, I thought it was high time that my work (and my play) were given a more appropriate home on the web.

And so it is with mild apprehension but mostly a sense of excitement that I welcome you to – I am, as the name suggests, Scott. Glad you could make it.

I will be posting my work as a means for all of you future brides and grooms to see what I do. I will also be posting my play; the things that fill the rest of my life outside of work – it is after all a blog, the ultimate vanity press.

To fill the great void of blank web space under my domain I will be posting some shots that the followers of my prior, unofficial ventures would have already seen. Sorry. If you are new here, lucky you!


And so, that brings us to the first post…

Lets get the ball rolling with some shots that pretty much sum up my life right now – sun beaming down and these two faces smiling back at me. Life has changed and it is gooood. Everyday has the potential to be vastly different from the last and it’s fair to say I’ve lived the last nine months on my toes and usually in need of more sleep.

This is Sonja and Anders; my world and my loves. You can expect to see more of these two as the story unfolds…